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An comprehensive worbench helps you model manipulation and  Komplexní pracovní prostředí usnadňuje manipulaci s modelem and improves tools order on the table.

RotaPlate has a wide movable area eqiuped with a part of stainless feritic steel with a hard and plannar surface with a capability to connect our magnetic family stands. The working area contains the surface for cutting parts and details, too. Movable area has magnetic brake for better stabilization.  

There are three huge drawers at the bottom part of RotaPlate where you can easy keep all your tools like brushes, pliers, knives, files or sprayguns etc. RotaPlate is equiped with hidden magnets on both sides for better connecting to other tools like for example ST05A Holder for gluying tools, or for colours, detail holders etc. New tools are under development now.  

There is possible to bring all stands like ST01S a ST02S for scales from 1/32 to 1/48 and smaller. menší. 

RotaPlate is available as unassembled, you spend from 4 to 6 hours by assembly.


  • width 39 cm
  • depth 39 cm
  • height up to 7 cm

Package contains:

  • 6 x plywood sheet (3mm thickness) with basic parts of RotaPlate
  • 1 x movable area, stainless steel part, cutting part, veneer parts, stable bearings
  • 1 x set of mounting material with 5 magnets
  • 1 x CZ/EN manual 
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